Q? May I see samples of area rugs?

A. Definitely. We may visit your store with our samples and discuss business opportunities. Our priority is not selling but helping you to increase sells.

Q? What is the minimum order?

A. In order to offer you the best price with good quality we recommend minimum one container which is most efficient and cost effective way of buying. However we may meet you to discuss business opportunities.

Q? What is specialty of your furniture?

A. Our furniture are hand crafted and solid wood (horn beam tree) which differentiate themselves from other generic furniture. In our store we sell more than one container a month.

Q? Can we have our brand name on each product?

A. Yes you can have your own brand name on each product including furniture, mattress and area rugs. There are some restriction depends on quantity and commitment. Please call us to discuss the brand name opportunities.

Q? Do you provide consulting service if I plan to open a showroom?

A. We provide training courses, services for designing your showroom, marketing and selling skills. We are always  admired by energetic and motivated business people.

Q? Can we have our own brand name?

A. Yes you can. Depends on the quantity you order we place your brand name on each product including mattress, area rugs and luxury furniture.

Q? Can I be a distributor in my state?

A. Yes you can. If you are our distributor in your state we will not approach any dealer or seller in your state. As much as you sell or purchase as low as you will get price.